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Ada GPRTU calls on the Forestry Commission to trim trees along Kasseh-Ada Foah Road

Ada GPRTU calls on the Forestry Commission to trim trees along Kasseh-Ada Foah Road

The Branch of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (), has called on the to urgently trim trees along the Kasseh-Ada Foah Road to prevent vehicle crashes during the Asafotufiami festival.

The union lamented that in recent times, branches of trees along the stretch often break and fall on their vehicles' windscreens, a situation that could lead to road crashes.

Nene Tetteh Asigbey III, the Chairman of the GPRTU, Ada Branch, said that the dry branches have become a threat to both commercial and private road users.

He said, “The drivers are complaining, and I have witnessed this several times, and we can't continue like this.”

According to Nene Asigbey, also the chief of Asigbekorpe, the road in question also needed a ‘retouch' to enhance the smooth movement of people who use it, especially as the Asafotufiami festival was approaching.

“There are a lot of potholes on the road that pose a danger to road users. When you get to the Korlekorpey junction to Bedeku, some speed ramps have been built there that are more dangerous. The ramps are too high for short distances. I don't know who recommended the distance and the level of the speed ramps. If this continues, we are likely to experience more accidents during the festival,” he lamented.

He called on the District Assembly, the Roads and Highways Authority, the Forestry Commission, and other relevant institutions to swiftly avert any casualties.

Some of the taxi drivers noted that branches of trees fall on their windscreens, with some of them getting cracks and smashes, a development they described as a cause of potential accidents.

One of the drivers, Ebenezer Otu, said that his windscreen nearly cracked after a branch fell on the bonnets of his car.

“I was not on speed, so immediately I reached the Bedeku stretch of the road. A big, dry branch was falling from the tree. I quickly applied the brake, and it fell on the bonnet. Had it fallen on the windscreen, it would have cracked or even smashed,” he lamented.

Another driver named David said the branches have been falling for some time now, but authorities were yet to work on them, even though they had been complaining.

“This will be dangerous as the Asafotufiami is approaching. If these dry branches continue to fall and it happens to a stranger who is coming for the festival, properties, and lives will be at stake,” he said.

When contacted, Mr Ernest Apenkwah, the Ada East District Manager of the Forestry Commission, said the drivers and other interested persons or groups should channel their grievances through the various assembly members or the District Assembly for them to be forwarded to the commission's office for redress.

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