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Accra-Tema healthcare workers examined on biomedical waste management

June 28, 2023

The (EPA) of the Greater - Region has conducted an examination on biomedical waste management for healthcare workers in the region.

Nearly 50 health facilities, including Sheperd Care Medical Centre, Pleasant Medical Centre, and Sakumono Community Clinic, participated in the exercise.

Mr. Herbert Edem Kpodo, the Principal Programme Officer, conducted the test as part of the EPA Mentorship Programme.

The aim was to assess the healthcare workers' understanding of waste management classification and raise awareness about the importance of proper waste management in all health facilities.

Mr. Kpodo expressed satisfaction with the results of the test and congratulated the hospitals for their knowledge of waste segregation and management. He urged them to become advocates for good waste management practices in the country.

He emphasized that waste classification helps healthcare facilities manage the risks posed by waste to human health and the environment, as well as meet the requirements set by the EPA.

Waste segregation, combined with color coding and labeling, facilitates easy identification of different types of waste and enables effective waste reduction strategies.

Mr. Kpodo highlighted that healthcare facilities generate various types of waste, and while managing biomedical waste incurs costs, it is crucial to have specially trained personnel to handle such waste.

He explained that mixing general waste with biological waste results in the entire waste becoming biological, similar to how mixing clean water with unclean water contaminates the entire batch.

He outlined the stages of healthcare waste management, including waste minimization, waste generation, segregation at the source, internal storage, packaging and labeling, and internal transportation.

Mr. Kpodo emphasized the importance of establishing a waste management team in every health facility.

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