Ablakwa to sponsor bill barring politicians from acquiring state assets

MP Samuel has announced his intention to sponsor a Private Member's Bill in to curb the recurring issue of politicians exploiting their positions to acquire state assets. This legislative proposal aims to explicitly prohibit politicians and politically exposed persons from participating, either directly or indirectly, in the purchase of state assets.

Hon. Ablakwa's announcement follows his recent exposé regarding the sale of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust's () 60% stake in six hotels to Rock City Hotel, owned by Abetifi MP . This transaction has sparked significant public outcry, raising concerns over potential conflicts of interest and the ethical implications of such deals.

Mr Ablakwa, who has “spent the past 16 years advocating against the acquisition of state assets by politicians under dubious circumstances”, emphasized the need for robust legislation to address these issues.

“The objective will be to legally block all loopholes in the current legal regime which some politicians appear to be exploiting,” he stated. He highlighted the frequent occurrences of conflict of interest, opaque dealings, abuse of power, and unethical practices that have marred such transactions.

The proposed bill seeks to introduce stringent measures and deterrent sanctions to prevent politicians from misusing their positions to gain undue advantage in the purchase of state assets. By closing existing legal loopholes, Ablakwa hopes to foster greater transparency and integrity in the management and disposal of public resources.

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