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Abesim community sets up taskforce to control indiscriminate littering, refuse disposal

February 19, 2024
Abesim community sets up taskforce to control indiscriminate littering, refuse disposal

Barimah Kumi Acheaw III, the Chief of Abesim near , has issued a stern caution to residents regarding indiscriminate littering and refuse disposal to prevent the outbreak of communicable diseases. He emphasized that the Abesim Divisional Council had established a task force to apprehend individuals caught dumping refuse at unauthorized locations or littering in the area, with sanctions awaiting offenders.

Barimah Acheaw, also serving as the Kyidomhene of the Dormaa Traditional Area in the , delivered the warning following a clean-up exercise organized at Abesim in the Sunyani Municipality. The exercise, which saw the participation of hundreds of residents, involved sweeping the surroundings and desilting choked gutters and clearing bushy areas.

Joined by dignitaries such as Odeneho Fima Dwaben II, the Paramount Queen Mother of the Dormaa Traditional Area, Nana Konama Biyaa II, Queen of Abesim, also the Kyidomhemaa of Dormaa, and Mr. John Ansu Kumi, the Sunyani Municipal Chief Executive, the event aimed to underscore the council's commitment to maintaining cleanliness to prevent communicable diseases.

Barimah Acheaw stressed that waste bins placed at strategic points were designated for collecting plastic waste only, emphasizing that dumping household waste into these bins was unlawful. He announced the deployment of a task force to conduct patrols during both daytime and evening hours to apprehend offenders.

Furthermore, Barimah Acheaw highlighted that the clean-up exercise was instituted by Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Dr. Agyeman Badu II, the of Dormaa, making it mandatory for all residents to participate. Failure to participate in subsequent exercises without valid reasons would result in sanctions, he warned.

Odeneho Dwaben commended the residents for their dedication to ensuring the success of the exercise and encouraged other chiefs and queens in the Dormaa Traditional Area to adopt similar initiatives to maintain cleanliness in their respective communities.

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