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Abandoned road rehabilitation project sparks anger in Sunyani West Municipality

February 3, 2024
Abandoned road rehabilitation project sparks anger in Sunyani West Municipality
Sunyani West Abandoned Road

The abandonment of the rehabilitation and expansion project of the -Odumase road, a vital transportation route in the Sunyani West Municipality of the , has triggered frustration among drivers and residents. The project, spanning approximately 2.2 kilometres, was initiated with a ground-breaking ceremony in March 2023 by Mr , the Member of for Sunyani West and Minister of . The rehabilitation, aimed at expanding and upgrading the road, was assigned to J.A Adom Construction Limited, a Sunyani-based road construction firm, with an anticipated completion period of 18 months.

Despite the initial enthusiasm and commencement of the project, it encountered an unexpected halt, leaving the road blocked due to an uncompleted bridge. Before the initiation of the rehabilitation work, traders, artisans, and shop owners along the road were forcibly evacuated to make way for the construction. The current state of the road and the unfulfilled promise of its completion have generated discontent among commercial drivers and residents.

Several affected individuals expressed their dissatisfaction, citing inconveniences caused by the road blockage and the lack of progress on the construction. Taxi drivers, in particular, highlighted the difficulties in commuting between Sunyani and Odumase, resulting in longer travel times and inconveniences, especially during peak market days.

Some of the evacuated traders and shop owners lamented the collapse of their economic activities, emphasizing that their livelihoods were adversely affected as they were unable to find suitable locations to relocate their shops. A shop owner, Frank Agyekum, questioned the decision to eject them from the roadside if the contractor was not ready to proceed with the project.

In response to the situation, a reliable source from the Bono Regional Office of the revealed concerns about the lack of government funding to facilitate the completion of the project. The source disclosed that approximately GHC68 million was required to finalize the rehabilitation, encompassing drainage and pavement works. The halted project has sparked frustration and calls for urgent intervention to address the grievances of the affected residents and expedite the completion of the vital road infrastructure.

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